"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. "

- Steve Jobs

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Margot Williams - Crestone, CO

BEST MASSAGE EVER -- not just my experience, but also the comment I have received from every person I have gifted with one of Cathy's massages. Her ability to customize the experience to the unique needs of each body is amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy's work -- and suggest you be really, really good to yourself by choosing the longer session.


Therese & Jerry - Denver, CO

My husband Jerry and I both agree that our massages with Cathy Amenta were the best we’ve ever had. Wish you were in Denver! I really liked the combo of energy and Neuromuscular work. Also, we were both quite impressed by your efficiency as you heated one part of the body while you worked on the other, all the while being focused and breathing with your work. Fantastic! We’ll be back to visit and we’ll be calling you!


Patte Smith - Crestone, CO
Cathy is incredible and so knowledgeable. Her technique and skill deliver a rare treat to anyone privileged enough to be the recipient to her gifted hands.


Suzanne Frazier - Fort Collins, CO

Cathy Amenta is a very caring professional and expert Bodyworker. She has many modalities from which to choose to best help you in your healing process. She helped me through a difficult period in my life with her gentle approach to concentrating on what needed to be done to achieve healing results. I am grateful for her time and knowledge that took me to a place of healing.


Cam - SLV, CO
I consider Cathy a healthcare provider who provides me with real world medical benefits. She's in tune with both my body and her work. She's an excellent source to rejuvenate and tune up "the machine"!


Janine Frazee - Salida, CO
Hands down Cathy is one of the best Massage Therapists that I have had! The space she works in is inviting, warm, clean, and beautifully decorated. Cathy massaged areas that needed it the most with just the right amount of pressure and intuitive touch. Each area Cathy worked became open and soft, leaving me with a sense of internal relaxation. The seven crystal chakra bowls she rang at the end were beyond magical! The sounds they made resonated within my body, creating an internal peace within... was such an incredible way to end the massage. The combination of her body work along with the chakra tones left me in a complete state of relaxed bliss. I highly recommend Amenta Massage and Bodywork- you will not be disappointed!


Meg - Crestone, CO  

Cathy's is very professional in her massage. The quality of her massage was very healing and relaxing. I would recommend her to others looking for an experienced Massage Therapist.


Richard A. - Alamosa, CO 

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a massage therapist you can trust. A friend recommended Cathy Amenta to me and now I know why. The quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the great work!


Carol - Salida, CO
Being a massage therapist myself, I'm always highly impressed with the knowledge and confidence with which Cathy works with you in reducing muscle aches and emotional stress as well. She was there for me the day my mom transitioned, and I will always appreciate and remember her sensitivity and compassion. Thank you, Cathy.


Vivian Branschofsky -Granville, VT  

It was a sad time when Cathy left Vermont to go back to Colorado. Not only was a good friend and confidant leaving, but also someone who could put my body back to rights when the physical demands of my plant nursery business would leave me in knots. I also discovered I had Parkinson’s disease while Cathy was still living here. This complicated my aches and pains and stiffness, but Cathy was undaunted and provided whatever relief for me that I needed. It always surprised me that even the morning after a deep muscle massage, I never experienced the soreness that I had learned to expect after a session with other professionals. I was always completely satisfied with Cathy’s work and felt I had been given a gift.


Debra M - Bailey, CO
The level of serve that Cathy delivers is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by her professionalism and detailed work she delivers. Thank you!


Kizzen Laki - Crestone, CO

I’ve been receiving massages from Cathy for many years. She has a great touch. From the moment I lay down on her table, my body know that it’s going to get just what it needs. Her work is both relaxing and therapeutic for me. She has helped me deal and heal. Whether it’s stressed muscles and mind from overwork or the ease chronic conditions. She’s very skilled and very wonderful.


Dee Dee Cartinelli - Warren, VT  

It has been my good fortune to receive healing bodywork from Cathy Amenta for over a decade. She is amazing and indeed the most gifted and skilled Bodyworker I have ever know!


Gayatri - Crestone, CO
I have been getting 90-minute massages from Cathy for at least 15 years and it's something I truly look forward to every week! Not only does my body feel relaxed and renewed, but I also feel calm and nurtured emotionally! It is a total body, mind and spirit experience- one I'm sure you will enjoy immensely!


Clea - Crestone, CO  

A session with Cathy Amenta is the BEST way I take care of myself. I have been to many massage therapists over the years but Cathy's skill, energy, love, and touch are matched by none. Cathy provides an environment that is calm and safe and she lets what is presenting on the table guide her direction with the massage. I have developed an incredible trust in Cathy and her intuition and am able to truly "go with the river" during her treatments knowing that she has respect for me, my privacy and confidences. Cathy Amenta is a very bright spot in my life


Sharon Oldfield - Colorado Springs, CO

I have enjoyed many massages from the hands of Cathy Amenta as a therapist and friend. Cathy’s knowledge of her profession is substantial. There are a great many questions that Cathy asks to find out about you and how she can best help you. She willingly provides any and all information about the various massage techniques prior to and during your session. Cathy is gentle or aggressive depending on one’s personal preference and needs. Cathy is never rushed and always makes a person feel special and important as an individual, not just a client. Cathy is sorely missed in Colorado Springs, no pun intended. Lucky for the town of Crestone to have a lady such as her and her talents to help alleviate the aches and pains of life.


Cynthia Surface -Saguache CO
With the help of Cathy's massages and treatment, I am able to continue my job. I suffered from intense tendinitis and carpel tunnel in both arms. I am now pain-free and very grateful to her. I also really value her and her talents with the crystal bowls. They bring me peace, joy, and harmony!