The Healing Benefits Of Clay Hot Packs. Adding Value To Your Massage Session.

Hydrocollator and Clay Hot Packs

I see clients all day long who are stressed and in pain. Their low backs are aching and all of life seems to be literally resting on their shoulders, digging in. They come seeking someone who understands their pain and to be seen and heard. Helping them achieve relief from physical pain and giving them space to breathe again takes the right touch and the right tools. One of the tools I use in my practice is clay hot packs that are heated in a HydrocollatorThis is a form of Hydrotherapy that has been used since the Egyptian times.


You’re probably wondering what exactly hydrocollator packs are and why the use of these clay hot packs in your massage sessions is so effective in relieving your pain and stress. To begin, these bentonite-filled cloth-heating pads are placed into the stainless steel Hydrocollator that is filled with water that is heated to about 160º. The organic interior of the packs absorbs moisture and retains heat for a long period of time. The packs provide moist heat, which penetrate deeply and can loosen tight muscles and stiff joints prior to your treatment. They do this without dehydrating the tissues, as electric heating pads can do. Thus the muscles remain hydrated, which is important for a quicker healing process.

Clay hot packs inside of a terry cloth cover, on top of a folded towel. The heat of the skin is checked at regular intervals.


These packs can get very hot on the skin so it is important to have a folded towel placed between the skin and the packs, which are placed inside a terry cloth cover. During your massage the temperature of the skin under the packs is checked frequently. Every couple of minutes the heat is dissipated into the muscles by massaging the build up of heat deep into the tissues. In about 20 minutes the back is well heated and is ready to receive deeper and more precise work.


In about 20 minutes the back is well heated and is ready to receive deeper and more precise work.

By just adding the moist heat to your session, your muscles will experience lasting pain relief, deeper relaxation, and the elimination of stiffness. Plus your overall circulation will be greatly improved.


Of course hot packs are contraindicated for some medical conditions such as Diabetic Neuropathy, circulatory problems like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and infections or malignant tumors. This is why listing your current health history on your confidential client intake form is so important. Also remember to keep your therapist updated if anything changes regarding your health.


If you are currently experiencing chronic pain, have joint and muscle stiffness, or just need to reset and restore, it’s time to come and experience the incredible healing effects of these clay hot packs today. It’s like bringing the hot springs to you. They will decrease your pain, give you greater flexibility and freedom. They add incredible value and effectiveness to your massage sessions leaving you more refreshed, renewed, and restored. Feel free to leave your comments below and share this with your friends and family. Massage is an investment in showing up for your. Contact me today to schedule your appointment.  In Health & Wellness ~ Cathy


Cathy Amenta LMT, BCTMB is the owner of Amenta Massage & Bodywork. She graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado with top academic honors in 1998. She currently has her private practice located in downtown Salida, CO and works part time at Heart Of The Rockies Regional Medical Center  as a Licensed Massage Therapist in their Infusion Center, and is herself an Ovarian Cancer Survivor.

Cathy has been a professional member of Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals since 1998. To schedule your personalized session and start feeling great in your body again, call 719-480-1718 or visit



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